Program Summary


Why MicroCollege?

Too many students – even those with good high school GPA’s – struggle to make a successful transition to college. Whether its huge class sizes, trouble finding help, expensive textbooks, or lack of enough financial aid, it can be difficult for students to start off on the right foot.

MicroCollege is the college transition program designed to help students become extraordinarily successful in college.


What’s Different at MicroCollege?

MicroCollege offers credit-bearing, transferable college courses in small-class settings, taught in-person by real college faculty. Just as importantly, students receive over 500 hours of tutoring and mentoring to ensure that they can perform to their best potential.

All classes are offered at standalone MicroCollege sites located in students’ communities. MicroCollege sites are fun, vibrant locations where students, faculty, and staff work together.

None. Zero. Nada.


Program Cost

None. Zero. Nada.
MicroCollege is offered to students at NO cost to them or their families. The program includes all tuition, fees, books, materials, and school supplies – along with a laptop computer that students can keep when they complete the program!


Program Length

For most students, MicroCollege is a one-year program. For others, MicroCollege offers the ability for students to earn an Associate Degree over two years. After MicroCollege, students can transfer their credits to another college or university to earn their degree.



MicroCollege offers the General Educations courses required by public and private universities in students’ state, and are widely transferable to traditional colleges and universities in the US. Students’ credits are issued by our partner universities, all of whom are regionally accredited and non-profit.
Checkout our CSU/UC Transfer Guide.



All courses are taught by real college faculty under appointment by our partner universities – often the same faculty that students have when they transfer to their next college! Faculty who have taught within the MicroCollege program have also taught at Cal State East Bay, UC Berkeley, Mills College, University of San Francisco, Johns Hopkins University, Nevada State College, Florida Institute of Technology, Norwich University, and various community colleges.


MicroCollege can boost students’ GPAs.

On average, students’ college GPAs earned via MicroCollege are 1 point higher than their high school GPA! As a result, most students gain admission to more competitive colleges and universities after attending MicroCollege, and are often eligible for more grant or scholarship money.


Weekly / Annual Schedule

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Weekly Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:30 AM
12:00 PM
College Classes Seminar,
Guest Speakers,
and College Visits!
12:00 PM
12:45 PM
Lunch, Faculty Office Hours, and Special Activities
12:45 PM
3:45 PM
Success Lab

Academic Coaches available for tutoring and support in ALL subjects